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About Raymond 


Raymond has been in tailoring since leaving school at the age of fifteen.   His working life began in one of the many clothing factories which were trading in Leeds back in the 'sixties'.  These early years gave him a firm foundation of knowledge in all aspects of the tailoring trade.  


He soon discovered a keen interest in bespoke tailoring. which was nurtured by some very skilled and patient mentors.   After spending a few years under the watchful eye of other craftsmen tailors, he set up a small business with a friend in 1971.  


This was a success for many years and enabled Raymond to build up a good reputation and loyal following, which was to put him in good stead when he eventually made the decision to start out under his own name.


Over the years, the business has become well established in Leeds with a customer base covering a much wider area.  


Furthermore, it has now evolved into a family business with both his wife and daughter taking an active role.


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